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We create tailored solutions focusing on repair quality, technical competence, and the ideal customer experience.

The gripping power of Core

Manage standards with the power of Core

Ongoing compliance is monitored through our Core software giving bodyshop and network managers simple access to detailed and helpful reporting.

Core’s ability is influential, producing smart reminders of the tasks nearing completion deadlines, even notifying you when a technician’s training is due to expire or when equipment needs servicing.

The approval programme is thorough, rigorous, and worthwhile.

We train and certificate technicians. We audit and assess. And with help from our industry-leading technology, we show networks how bodyshops are performing.

By working closely with vehicle manufacturers to turn standards into practical guidelines, we enable bodyshops to follow the supported and desired repair methodology.

Our Courses

Ensuring methods are understood and applied.

Once the programme is in place we introduce it to bodyshops, undertaking an initial audit and delivering all necessary training to ensure that the methods are understood and applied.

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