AOM-030Welded Panel/Section MAG/MIG Braze/Bond/Rivet

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This module is about the replacement of a welded section within the construction of a vehicle bodyshell. The candidate will be required to cut a specified section from a welded panel (i.e. a sill section) without causing damage to other vehicle systems or the vehicle structure.

The candidate will cut a section from a new panel and replace the section into the vehicle body using techniques such as spot welding, MAG welding, bonding and riveting, and through the technique of MIG Braze. The candidate must be able to ‘dress’ the welds to a finish where the repaired section is ready to accept body filler to a depth of no more than 2mm.

The candidate must access the correct repair information / specification and use this information to carry out the repair to the vehicle bodyshell. Note that this exercise may be carried out on a rig or similar device but the competences required will be similar to those used when repairing a vehicle bodyshell.


To demonstrate your skills in removing existing welded panels without causing damage to the vehicles remaining metal surfaces
To demonstrate the ability to prepare the welded areas and panel flanges ready to receive the new panel
To demonstrate your ability to fit a new welded panel, using the correct welding, riveting and bonding processes and achieving the correct alignment
To demonstrate your skills in setting up and shutting down spot welding, MAG welding and MIG welding equipment
To demonstrate the ability to test and assess all welds for strength and defects
To demonstrate you can complete a series of spot welds, MIG welds and MAG welds to National Occupational Standards
To demonstrate your ability to carry out riveting in combination with structural adhesive


  • Remove panel without causing damage to the panel section sub structure, retained flanges and inner strengthener.
  • Remove panel using acceptable tools, methods and techniques.
  • Store components and panels in a suitable manner during the course of the repair
  • Clean, dress and prepare flanges for welding, riveting and bonding Before refitment of panel
  • Test fit panel
  • Set up and test all welding equipment to be used
  • Correctly apply rivets and structural adhesive
  • Refit panel without causing damage to the panel section
  • Ensure correct alignment of panel
  • Grind welds flush (where appropriate) and finish surface
  • Clean and evaluate finished job


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